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Organisational success is not a given and sustained success over long periods of time is even harder to achieve.
That's why Dream and Leap works with its clients to help them imagine a vision of the future;
to dream of the future they want and work with them to take a leap towards it

Our strategy and culture services are designed to help leaders understand

the reality of what they are dealing with (truth) and chart a plan to improved performance (safety). 

With a wealth of tools and technologies at our disposal, we partner with clients to build up a clear and concise strategy together with a plan for how to execute on it. Our work in helping clients define fit for purpose operating models and culture and climate assessments provides them with all the tools and support needed
to transition to higher performance. 

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"Dream and Leap make things easy to understand and easy to communicate.
Their understanding of strategy and how to build a plan to deliver it is second to none. "

Martyn Bradford, Director, South West Forensics

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Assess the health of your business by completing an Organisational Intelligence assessment; a mechanism for determining the perception of the business through the eyes of its employees. 

A quick, efficient and cost effective means of understanding where you are and determining the strategy of the business as it moves forward to sucess and improved performance.


Assess the current culture and climate of the business by completing a Culture Climate survey; a mechanism for determining the true culture of the organisation and how the current climate differs from it.

A rapid, effective means of understanding whether the culture will get you where you want to go and what changes are required to push the company forward with its performance potential.


Review how fit for purpose the current operating model is in line with future strategic ambitions and aspirations so that adjustments can be made accordingly and performance potential unlocked.

An important aspect in ensuring that strategic ambitions can be delivered upon and that the engine of the business hums like a finely tuned motor engine from which exceptional business results are enabled. 

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Dream and Leap's Strategic Pyramid enables leaders to refine and remodel the long and short term aspects of the direction their organisation is heading in. From definition of purpose, vision and mission to goal setting and strategic priorities; leaders are in safe hands as they chart their aspirations and ambitions of the future. 

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Culture does indeed eat strategy for breakfast and as such, Dream and Leap knows exactly how important it is for leaders to understand what the culture and climate looks like in the organisation today. 

From organisational culture mapping and high-level results debriefs to values definition and future-state culture definition. Our culture improvement initiatives are designed to first understand the state from which you are intending to leap so that the path to success is properly understood and more readily achievable. 

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All too often overlooked in favour of fancier matters like strategy, the operating model is the engine that makes an organisation function effectively. It is the bridge you need in place to transition from strategy definition to execution of that strategy.

Dream and Leap's range of tools and methodologies enable leaders to define and design an operating model fit for the future business they want. Their engine will hum with productivity rather than slow things down and create unnecessary noise through inefficiency or ineffectiveness. 

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Underpinning every successful organisation; ones that survive the test of time
like South West Airlines, Apple, Nike and Google...Ben & Jerry's even - all more than 40 years old -
are underpinned by a core set of values or a shared set or principles and beliefs

Dream and Leap work with clients to not only assist them in defining and refining their core values
but also in helping them operationalise these values into behaviours. We do this because values get played out through the behaviours and interactions of colleagues and co-workers on a daily basis, and the culture and climate
of any organisation is only as strong as the behaviours an organisations people demonstrate.

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As you get to know us more, you'll understand that coffee is an important part of who we are. Why not grab coffee with us sometime and discover how our services could help your company, your teams and your people.

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