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Dream and Leap knows that the secret to a high performing organisation lies in the quality of its leadership and in the ability for its teams to work effectively together; to foster a culture of high team performance.

With a range of solutions available to clients, Dream and Leap couples the latest technology with its decades of consulting experience in order to unlock the potential within teams.

In order to improve, a team first has to have absolute clarity on where the room for improvement lies; 
to get elephants out in the room and for opportunities and solutions to be put forward.

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Our c-level team diagnostic tackles the core elements of what it takes to be a cohesive senior team. Played live in the room or in advance of a session, it assesses and addresses:

* The quality of relationships at the heart of the team;

* The clarity of goal the team is aiming for;

* The teams ability to focus and deliver results; and

* The interest and ability to continually improve and change over time.

The diagnostic is designed to quickly, efficiently and cost effectively identify strengths and weaknesses so that appropriate action plans can be drawn up.


Relevant to any team, our high performing team diagnostic is a rapid, cost effective, transparent solution. It enables focus, alignment and improvement to be achieved by providing:

* Common understanding of the issues impacting performance;

* Increased focus on working more effectively;

* Benchmarking of teams across an entire organisation; and

* Measurement of progress and change over time.

The diagnostic is designed to be run on any team and can measure improved performance of teams and their leaders at key intervals throughout the year.

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"Dream and Leap team diagnostics and workshops are incredible. It gets the truth on the table in a safe and practical way that enables us to move forward and improve performance repeatedly. A must do activity for any exec of aspiring executive."

Sam Mowbray, COO, Swindon Borough Council

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A range of team workshops are available for clients of all types, shapes and sizes. From half-day high impact workshops to two-day strategic away-days, Dream and Leap team development workshops will get the key issues out in the room and have appropriate solutions and action plans identified in the time available.


For clients looking to "read the tea leaves" themselves. Dream and Leap diagnostics can be run as individual reports whenever a leader requires. With coaching 'debriefs' of the results, this is a quick and efficient way to check the temperature of a team and ensure your fingers is on the pulse of key issues.

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As you get to know us more, you'll understand that coffee is an important part of who we are. Why not grab coffee with us sometime and discover how our services could help your company, your teams and your people.

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