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Partnering with the local community to mark a milestone achievement

Dream and Leap is proud to be continuing its partnership with Cleve RFC in 2022, extending its ongoing support this year to be a headline sponsor for all tiers of the club’s teams.

As Cleve RFC celebrates its Centennial year - an incredible milestone to have achieved in the sporting arena and in the local community - Dream and Leap is delighted to be able to give something back to this essential local club.

Dream and Leap first engaged in a sponsorship arrangement with Cleve RFC in 2020 supporting its mini’s and junior’s teams. It is both proud and pleased to have continued that support throughout the duration of the pandemic and to be continuing that support in 2022, this milestone year for the club.

Dream and Leap was established with the vision of being a values-driven company. It cares wholly for the clients it works with and strives to make a genuine difference through its work with people. Cleve RFC has a similar shared ethos. Its coaches, staff and the vast array of support staff that work tirelessly each season do so with the intent of making a difference in the community by providing people with a sense of connection, pride and enjoyment.

This past few years has been tumultuous for local community-driven organisations like Cleve RFC. Having seen all community engagement put on hold indefinitely for a large period of time, the club, its coaches and everyone associated with Cleve RFC worked tirelessly to ensure that when the pandemic eventually eased up, and life could continue to transition back to normal, Cleve RFC would be there to provide its critical source of connection for its community; something which is so central to people’s recovering health and wellbeing post the Covid-19 pandemic.

Dream and Leap wishes Cleve RFC a huge congratulations on this milestone achievement and wishes its teams, coaches, players and staff all the luck for the coming season.

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